Tuesday, July 16, 2019

2-year Ban for Gunjur Club for Beating Referee


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By Hatab Nyang

Photo: Commit FC has been given a 2-year suspension

A club in Gunjur has been slapped with a two-year ban for beating up a referee.

The incident happened last Sunday in the first round of the ongoing Gunjur league nawettan.

The ugly scenario occurred in the final stage of a crucial group game fixture between Blannes FC and Commit FC.

With the tie headed for a goalless draw, Blannes’ Yususpha Janneh managed to slam the ball to the Commit FC’s post that appeared to cross the goal-line.

The referee ruled it a goal to the strong disapproval of Commit FC supporters who, in fit of anger, beat security line, besieging the football pitch and attacking the referee.

In a momentary madness, supporters believed to be of Commit FC, seized the referee to implement a free-for-all justice on him for close to five minutes.

The arbiter was later rescued with assistance from security personnel and members of other teams.

The referee, Foroyaa Sport understands, has been released after he complained of just minor bruises.

As a result, the Gunjur Sports Committee (GSC) decided to take punitive measures against Commit FC, banning them for two years with a D3000 fine imposed on the side’s supporters.

In another disciplinary action, GSC has stripped Red Star of the zone’s Super Cup giving it to Reliance FC instead.

Reliance are now the cup holders after lodging a successful appeal against Red Star who were found guilty of fielding Fasanna Barrow, deemed ineligible to play owing to a red card he received.

Meaning, the allocated D9000 prize money goes to Reliance with Red Star now to contend with a D6000 consolation fee as runners-up.

Cracking down on the use of foul-mouthed rants against referees, the GSC has also fined Sarjo Sambou of Halifax FC and Santos FC for D1000 and D300 respectively.

Basiou Touray, a fan of Commit FC is suspended from entering the field for rest of the season.

In a latest development, Gamrock FC Blannes and Sebindinto have each had a fan fined for launching tirades against the referees.

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